Blood Glucose Levels

In this course students will learn the skills, knowledge and understanding of the importance of measuring, recording and reporting blood glucose levels. It is aimed at those wanting to gain or refresh competency as a care/support worker within aged care, disability and or community services work.

Medication Administration

This course has been designed to provide care/support workers with an understanding of how to assist clients in aged care and disability residential and home and community settings with their medication needs.

Epilepsy & Midazolam

This course aims to increase the knowledge of Epilepsy and practice of administering Midazolam for care/support workers in the aged care/disability residential and home and community services.

Manual Handling

This Manual Handling course is suitable for nurses, nursing students and support workers who are required to carry out manual handling tasks in a safe manner. The course covers the necessary theory to understand the legislation and safe work practices applicable to Manual Handling. The classroom based practical session will provide you with access to […]

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